Infrared Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy

Infrared and Raman Microscope Based on a Combination of Two Analytical Techniques to Provide Complementary Molecular Information.

This simple system improves the efficiency of analytical operations by making it easy to perform all process steps from sample observation to data analysis.


Examples of Problems Solved

Contaminant components cannot be identified with an infrared microscope alone.

The contaminant was identified based on both infrared and Raman measurement results.

Measuring the same sample location with both infrared and Raman is desired.

The infrared and Raman microscope enabled the same location to be quickly measured without moving the sample.

The target area is too small to be measured with an infrared microscope.

The infrared and Raman microscope enabled even smaller areas to be targeted and measured.

Detailed analysis of both organic and inorganic components is desired.

Combining infrared and Raman spectroscopy enabled material analysis.


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