Off-Flavor Analyzer

Analytical System for Reliably Identifying Odor-Causing Substances  

Solving odor problems requires identifying the substances causing the odor. However, accurate identification requires relevant knowledge, such as knowing which types of compounds can cause odors, the odor quality, and threshold levels for sensing odors. This system combines a database of the major odor-causing substances and associated sensory information (odor characteristics and threshold levels for sensing odors) with a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC-MS). It provides a total solution necessary for analyzing odors.


1. Database of Expert Information for Odor Analysis

  • All odor-causing substances identified from previous problems are registered.
  • Accurate identification and easy quantitation are possible even without standard samples.
  • Substances causing odors can be identified based on odor characteristics and odor threshold values.

2. Analytical System for Reliably Identifying Odor-Causing Substances

  • Three different types of columns can be selected for detecting a wide variety of components with high sensitivity.
  • MRM and SIM analysis can detect odor threshold concentration levels.
  • Odors can be confirmed efficiently using the predicted retention time display function.

3. Application Solution-besed System

  • An optimal system, including pretreatment unit, can be configured.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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