Fundamental Guides
Revise the analytical basics

A compilation of basics and Fundamental knowledge

To help you better understand these key analytical techniques, Shimadzu release the GC, GCMS, LCMS Fundamental Guides,
the first of our primer series
. This primer covers both Gas chromatograpgy (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) and looks at it as a whole. It serves as a comprehensive guide for GC, GCMS, LCMS users to easily grasp
and understand the concepts.


An opportunity to learn more about Shimadzu history and how we are contributing to Sciences:



Fundamental guide GC

Shimadzu's Fundamental Guide to GC introduces the basic principles of GC from the injection port to the detector including discussion about carrier gas.


Fundamental guide GCMS

Shimadzu's Fundamental Guide to GCMS introduces basic principles of Mass Spectrometry and as well is covering all ionization mode, analysis mode and performance parameters dedicated to GCMS Operation.


Fundamental guide LC/LCMS

Shimadzu's Fundamental Guide to LCMS introduces the basic principles of LC and MS. Common LC techniques, namely reversed-phase, normal phase and size exclusion chromatography, are described. Next, we introduced LCMS and compared it with other ionization and analytical techniques.

A unique source to boost your analytical capabilities

In essence, you’ll:

  • Learn the various instrumentation, applications and capabilities
  • Discover the current developments and future Trends
  • Understand how instruments can be integrated into your workflow or can improve it

A door opener to new way of thinking and new solutions

  • Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry
  • LC, SFC, prepLC, prepSFC, 2DLC ...
  • ...




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