■ Vacuum Measurement Unit

Use this unit for sensitive measurements of light elements. It requires space for installation of a rotary pump and switch box at the side or rear of the desk supporting the main unit.

■ Turret Unit

Turret for 12 samples. It permitscontinuous measurements of samples up to 32 mm in diameter. It improves throughput, especially for measurements in a vacuum or helium atmosphere.

■ Mylar Film

Sample-holding film (for heavy element analysis)

■ Helium Purge Unit

This unit is used for highly sensitive measurements of light elements in liquid samples. Does not include a helium cylinder or regulator.
(Option for EDX-7000)

■ Screening Analysis Kits

RoHS/ELV Screening Analysis Kit
- With check samples for five elements RoHS and Halogen Screening Analysis Kit
- With check samples for six elements RoHS, Halogen, and Antimony Screening Analysis Kit
- With check samples for seven elements

■ Polypropylene Film

Sample-holding film (for light element analysis)

■ Sample Cells

3571 General Open-End X-Cell (no lid)

(Outer diameter: 31.6 mm, volume: 10 mL) Polyethylene sample cell for liquid and powder samples.

3529 General X-Cell (with lid)

(Outer diameter: 32 mm, volume: 8 mL) For liquid samples. Equipped with a relief hole and liquid retainer in case of liquid expansion.

3577 Micro X-Cell

(Outer diameter: 31.6 mm, volume: 0.5 mL) For trace samples. Recommended for use with a collimator.

3561 Universal X-Cell

(Outer diameter: 31.6 mm, volume: 8 mL) For liquid and thin-film samples. Equipped with a relief hole and liquid retainer in case of liquid expansion. Equipped with a ring to tightly hold thin-film samples with film.


Measurement principle X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
Measurement method Energy dispersion
Target samples Solids, liquids, powders
Measuring range 11Na to 92U (EDX-7000) 6C to 92U (EDX-8000)
Sample size W 300 × D 275 × approx.H 100 mm (excluding radiuses)
Maximum sample mass 5kg (200g per sample when using turret, Gross mass 2.4kg)

X-ray generator

X-ray tube Rh target
Voltage 4 kV to 50 kV
Current 1 μA to 1000 μA
Cooling method Air-cooled (with fan)
Irradiated area Automatic switching in four stages: 1, 3, 5, and 10 mm diameter
Primary filters Five types (six, including the open position), automatic replacement


Type Silicon drift detector (SDD)
Liquid nitrogen Not required (electronic cooling)

Sample chamber

Measurement atmosphere Air, vacuum*1, helium (He)*2
Sample replacement* 12-sample turret
Sample observations Semiconductor camera

Data processor

Memory 2 GB min. (32-bit), 4 GB min. (64-bit)
HDD 250 GB min.
Optical drive Super multi drive
OS Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)*3


Qualitative analysis Measurement/analysis software
Quantitative analysis Calibration curve method, correction for coexistent elements, FP method, film FP method, background FP method
Matching software Intensity/content
Utilities Automatic calibration functions (energy calibration, FWHM calibration)
Instrument status monitoring function  
Analysis results tabulation function  


Temperature 10 °C to 30 °C (temperature fluctuation rate 2 °C/hour max., temperature fluctuation range: 10 °C max.)
Relative humidity 40 % to 70 % (no condensation)
Power supply 100 V AC ±10 %, 15 A earthed socket
Dimensions W 460 × D 590 × H 360 mm
Weight Approx. 45 kg

*1 Option for EDX-7000/8000
*2 Option for EDX-7000
*3 Microsoft Office is not included.

Installation Example

Vacuum measurement unit (optional) consists of a control switch box and rotary pump.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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