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e LAC/E32 16 System 2 or 4 licenses can be selected
Shimadzu LC control license 1 license only
Shimadzu LC Driver for Waters Empower First Year Support Plan Single (for 1 system) For either personal or enterprise use
Shimadzu LC Driver for Waters Empower First Year Support Plan Multi (for 4 systems) For either personal or enterprise use
  • * If using an Empower enterprise system, Shimadzu’s dedicated LAC/E32 server is required.
  • * Up to 4 Shimadzu LC/GC systems can be controlled from one computer or LAC/E32 intake server. However, if 1 or 2 PDAs are connected, this reduces the number of GCs/LCs that can be connected by 1 or 2 respectively.
  • * To control a Shimadzu LC, a Shimadzu LC control license is required in addition to a LAC/E32 system control license.

Supported devices


Nexera series (Ver. 1.01) 

Unit Model Name Minimum required
ROM Version
System Controller SCL-40, CBM-40, CBM-40lite 1.20
Pump LC-40D, LC-40D XR, LC-40B XR 1.02
LC-40D XS, LC-40D X3, LC-40B X3 1.02
Column Oven CTO-40C 1.00
CTO-40S 1.00
Autosampler SIL-40, SIL-40C, SIL-40 XR, SIL-40C XR SIL-40C XS, SIL-40C X3 1.05
Plate Changer 1.04
Detector SPD-40, SPD-40V 1.02
SPD-M40 2.00
RF-20A, RF-20AXS 2.02
CDD-10Avp 5.10
RID-20A 2.04
AD board -
Mobile phase monitor MPM-40 1.02
Mobile phase flow path switching valve LPGE Unit, FCV-11AL, FCV-11ALS, UV recycle valve -*1
High-pressure flow path switching valve FCV-0206, FCV-0607, FCV-0206H FCV-0607H, FCV-0206H3, FCV-0607H3 -*1
FCV-DR 1.02
  • *1 These parts can only be attached to the CTO.
    *2 It is not possible to use older versions of the above products (such as the LC-30AD pump) with this system.

Nexera/Prominence (Ver. 4.41) 

Unit Model Name Minimum required
ROM Version
System Controller CBM-20A, CBM-20Alite 3.50
Pump LC-30AD 3.21
LC-20AD 2.11
LC-20ADXR 1.23
LC-20AT 2.01
LC-20AB 2.02
LC-20Ai 1.00
Column Oven CTO-30A 3.11
CTO-20A, CTO-20AC 2.10
CTO-10AS VP 5.28
Autosampler SIL-30AC 3.20
SIL-30ACFV 3.20


(including HT and UFLC models)

SIL-20AXR, SIL-20ACXR 1.28
Rack Changer II 2.00
Rack Changer, Rack Changer C 1.11
Sub Controller Sub Controller VP 5.22
Option Box VP
Detector SPD-20A, SPD-20AV 2.03
RF-20A, RF-20AXS 2.02
RF-10AXL 3.33
RID-20A 1.02
CDD-10Asp, CDD-10Avp 5.10
SPD-M20A 2.03
SPD-M30A 4.02
SPD-30AM 4.01
AD Input Board (PC-55N) -
Mobile Phase Flow Line Switching Valve

FCV-10AL / FCV-10ALvp / FCV-11AL / FCV-11ALS

/ FCV-15AL /Switching Valve
4-port solenoid valve built into

LC-20AD / LC-20AT / LC30-AD

High-Pressure Flow-Line Switching Valve FCV-12AH / FCV-13AL / FCV-14AH -

FCV-12AH / FCV-14H / FCV-32AH built into

CTO-20A / CTO-20AC / CTO-30A

  • * 4 systems maximum with no PDA or 3 systems with single PDA or 2 systems with 2 PDA (per LAC/E).
  • * CBM-20A lite will not support analogue data acquisition. Please use CBM-20A with a PC-55N AD board if analogue signal is acquired.
  • * LC-2010 can connect on Empower 3 FR3 or earlier versions.

Configuration examples

Empower Personal (Stand-alone type)

Empower Personal is a stand-alone type configuration. A PC includes a database and data acquisition functions. A single PC is connected directly to LC system(s), and a maximum of 4 LC systems can be controlled.

Empower Enterprise (Network type)

Empower Enterprise is a client-server (C/S) system, which allows any client PC on the network to control any HPLC. HPLC control and data acquisition are done through an acquisition server called LAC/E32, and the acquired data are stored in the database server. Analysis instructions and LC instrument status monitoring are performed from a client PC. Each Shimadzu LC system is controlled by TCP/IP protocol from a PC. If any problem occurs in a LC system on the network, other LC systems in operation are not affected.

*EmpowerTM and Empower3 are trademarks of Waters corporation

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