Improving Managerial Efficiency

System Information, Including Data and Users,Is Integrated with a Server

Currently, since user information is managed for every PC, as the number of PCs managed increases, so too does the burden on the administrator. LabSolutions CS provides integrated server-based management of user information, so user management is not required individually for each PC and the administrator’s time and effort is reduced.

Data backup is also important. Since the data can be managed with a server, data does not remain in each PC. It can be stored on the server or saved to media such as a DVD. The data can be referred to directly, without returning to the original database. (Restoration unnecessary) In addition, if tape library equipment is used, it can overcome server trouble etc., thereby achieving even more efficient management.

Tape instrument is optional. For details, contact your Shimadzu representative

Pertinent Information is Managed for Every Project

LabSolutions DB and CS provide a project management function enabling management suited to tasks and system operations. This function enables equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project by project basis, thereby improving the efficiency of data searches and management tasks.

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