Press-Information 2013

23.08.2013 Shimadzu’s New IRTracer-100 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Provides High-speed, High-sensitivity Analysis for an Expanded Range of Markets and Applications
11.07.2013 New Aggregates Sizer Aggregation Analysis System for Biopharmaceuticals Enables Real-time Quantitative Evaluation of 100 nm to 10 μm SVP (sub-visible particle) Aggregates
10.06.2013 MALDI-7090™: a new MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometer combining high throughput, high resolution and high-energy MALDI tandem MS
28.05.2013 Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Exchange Chromatography Instrument Drivers
15.04.2013 High-Speed Video Camera Hyper Vision HPV-X
27.03.2013 Grand Opening of new Laboratory World
18.02.2013 Shimadzu’s Tracera High-Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph Incorporates Novel Plasma Technology to Enable Trace Analysis
21.01.2013 High-Sensitivity Cell and New Dynamic Range Extension Function Extend Measurement Concentration Range of Nexera X2 Series UHPLC by Fifty
15.01.2013 New Nexera X2 UHPLC system released / For routine and highly regulated environments
14.01.2013 Training camp for laboratory teams - New facilities on over 1,500 m² for further education and testing / Mass spectrometry gets its own area
14.01.2013 Trainingslager für Labor-Teams - Weiterbildungs- und Testkapazitäten auf über 1.500 qm / Massenspektrometrie mit eigenem Bereich
08.01.2013 HS-20 headspace sampler for GC and GCMS / Serves a wide range of high sensitivity applications / Efficient analysis of high boiling point compounds