Shimadzu News 2019

Shimadzu News 02/2019


  • Ease-of-use - The new, groundbreaking LC-technology: Nexera LC-40
  • Searching for the needle in the analytical haystack - Trace detection of sulfur compounds with SCD
  • 20 Years - Shimadzu Switzerland celebrates anniversary

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Further Information

"Not all glass is the same - Quality control of window glass according to DIN EN 410"


Shimadzu News 01/2019


  • Weight reduction - New testing methodology for composite material
  • Clear view in wet conditions - Polarizing sunglasses block the glare from wet surfaces
  • Less expensive and easy - Analysis of dioxins in foods and feeds using GC-MS/MS

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Further information

"Clear view in wet conditions - UV-Vis spectroscopy: Polarizing sunglasses block the glare from wet surfaces"

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