Total Support for Regulatory Compliance 1

Support Functionality for CSV (IQOQ Validation)

With conventional LCsolution/GCsolution software, CSV procedures involve confirmation and transcription of OS versions and software settings across multiple windows. With LabSolutions, Windows OS security patches and other PC and software installation information is integrated for display, and can be printed. In addition, LabSolutions security policy, numerical rounding settings, and other system

information, as well as user information and equipment information, can be integrated for printing from a single window. As a result, operators can confirm this information without opening a number of settings windows. This reduces operator mistakes and improves efficiency.

Configuration Management of Client PC LabSolutions Software Not Required

LabSolutions CS is compatible with the Windows terminal service (RemoteApp). Since LabSolutions software is not installed on a client PC, validation procedures and software upgrades for client PCs are significantly reduced. The terminal service function enables remote use of LabSolutions software installed on the server. The server-based LabSolutions software can be operated with the usual degree of user friendliness as is.

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